Barking in C

by Bandersnatch

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Enregistré live en deux jours au Swan Sound Studio par Nicolas Bazire
Voix et cello enregistrés à la maison par Bastien
Mixé et masterisé par Guillaume Doussaud au Swan Sound Studio
Artwork: Fred Hirard


released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Bandersnatch Caen, France

Après des aléas inhérents aux groupes de zic, Bandersnatch s'est enfin dressé sur ses quatre pattes prêt à aboyer en 2015. Quel style? A vrai dire on n'en sait rien ; néo hard rock heavy post métal stoner noise? A vous d'écouter... On est juste cinq gars que la musique a réuni. Cinq amis sincères et authentiques : Bandersnatch c'est ce que ça donne quand on joue ensemble. ... more

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Track Name: Scarification
Rage, scarification of my soul, I feel rage when the drugs put me under control. A better life for me? No more drinks, no more sexuality. Slow minded, intoxicated body. Don’t fall, wait for me. No time to linger if it’s wrong or wright, So much injustice makes me want to shout. Paranoia, the reason I fight? Did what I hear really come out of your mouth? And what is it for?I want peace in me. Am I really going out of my mind? Do I really want to feel better? I think you just want to take shelter from me. You think I’m crazy no? I will climb that cliff and I’ll let it go. Don’t worry for me. Bye! I want you waiting for me.
Track Name: Walk
Walking in the desert strip I just want to find myself. I want to be in the desert since I lost my faith in hell. Riots in many places, good and wright on TV. I want to be all alone with no one to bother me. Walking for miles in the deserts’ heat my bones are burning head to feet. My anger put me in this scheme now I’m tired and I’m weak. No turning back it’s hell anyway, society isn’t for me. I want water but it’s too late and no one is near. My end is hear, all alone. Walk into the fields of rotten skulls poured by the heat. I wanted more but my end is here. My life is gone but I’m on my feet Dawn, is my life over now, the fall of night. Lingering to shine, powerless to time.
Track Name: Pirates ITFS
Pirates in the fucking system, they’re all in your TV. Laughing at the folks they distract with no sense of honesty. Full off make-up under spotlights, they’re faking sympathy. Politicians need their friendship for popularity. Pirates you find them so enlightening, so many friends for tea. You’re not alone with your TV, what’s next to see? Time wasted, brain damage, you worthless, you useless human beings. Time to get up, to switch of, to stand up, life has so many thrills to see.
Track Name: Freedom
Lies essentially in truth. Sorrow dies in acceptance of the truth.
Track Name: Work
It’s late I’ve just woke up, mustn’t forget my keys. Got to take time to piss or my bladder will blow for real. Got my phone in my pocket, my dear community. Now it’s off to work for honest deed. Misted the bus so many times I should be use of being late. But I’ve got to earn a dime, is that my fate. Need the money and in time I’ll pay the rent to be home in my town, but now I’m late for work. Late, need the money so I’ll take the bosses rage, submitted state, I’ll even tell he thank you. It’s late I’ve just woke up, got a bus to catch. Every day is the same, I will get sacked. Must stop running now or I’ll go mad. Is life really meant to be on time? And swallow pride all the time.
Track Name: Wasting and trashing
Why buy so much? How much you need. All this stuff. Acid in seas. Needless objects, useless concepts. Tera of data. Worm terrace in winter. With plastic trees, earth’s not that tough. Rat race is such anger from greed. And you want more. Just to throw away. You trash it out. When envy’s gone, You bought trash. Bran new trash. Plastic floating, killing, drowning. Continents of waste with a new ecosystem. But fuck pollution if it looks good it feels good. Chemicals are great when the shit smells of macaroons. And you want more waste to fill the hole of an empty life with no reflection at all. Unleashed consumption is your religion. Your saints are TV, phones and electric bins. You want more you need more. All the latest techs to show off your success. Plastic in your eyes, on your face, in your breast. You need drinks and pills just to have a rest. Waste and trash floating in the seven seas. In the wind, the land in the trees from your bin. It’s getting kind of personal here. With you waste so near floating in the seven seas.